Rise in Single Women Seeking IVF Treatment

IVF and single women

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has revealed that the number of single women seeking IVF treatment has doubled in the last decade. In the last five years, approximately 3,000 single women have opted to undergo IVF treatment. This is despite the fact they are young, healthy and fertile. So, what is driving more single women to seek IVF treatment?

IVF and single women: a growing trend

There are a number of reasons more single women than ever before are deciding to go down the IVF route. Largely, it comes down to career choices.

In the past, women were happy to stay at home, raise a family and take care of the daily chores. These days however, they are much more career focused. Rather than settling down, women choose to focus on climbing the career ladder and find Mr Right later in life. The trouble is, when they do reach the point where they want to start a family, finding the right partner while their biological clock is ticking, isn’t easy. So, rather than give up on the idea of starting a family, they decide to start IVF alone.

It isn’t just older women who are choosing to undergo IVF alone. There’s also been a substantial rise in the number of women under the age of 35 opting to go down the fertility treatment route. These women feel they are ready for a baby right now and they aren’t letting the fact that they don’t have a partner get in their way.

In just one year, the number of single women undergoing IVF treatment rose by 20%. Year upon year this figure continues to rise; highlighting just how much society’s view of families has changed.

Is it a good idea to undergo IVF as a single woman?

Some experts are concerned over the rising number of single women opting to undergo IVF treatment. They claim the lack of a father figure needs to be addressed and could be potentially damaging to the resulting child’s wellbeing.

However, others argue that having a more traditional home with a mother and a father isn’t a guarantee that the home environment will be healthy. In many cases, children are better off being raised by one loving parent, than they would be in an unhappy home environment with two parents. They state women seeking IVF treatment should be treated equally regardless of their marital status or sexuality.

It is certainly a positive sign that women are now able to choose when they want to start a family. They don’t need to feel pressurised into finding Mr Right before their biological fertility clock runs out. It shows just how far society and fertility treatments have come.

There are many reasons why single women may choose to undergo IVF treatment. Provided they have the financial resources to bring up a child, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to undergo fertility treatments and start a family whenever they choose to do so. The fact women have these rights is something to be celebrated and it shows just how far society has come.

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