Sugary Drinks May Reduce Chance of IVF Success

sugary drinks and IVF success

New research carried out by an Israeli obstetrician has revealed women trying to get pregnant with IVF should limit the amount of sugary drinks they consume. Even just one sugary drink per day can have disastrous consequences on the reproductive system.

While it is common for patients to be advised against smoking and drinking caffeine and alcohol, up until now there’s been no real knowledge of the damage sugary drinks can cause in terms of IVF success. Here, we’ll look at the link between sugary drinks and their potential effect on fertility.

Understanding the fertility study

The IVF study began in 2012 and concluded in 2014. It analysed beverage habits provided by 340 IVF patients and looked at how they affected IVF outcomes. To gather the information, the patient’s medical records were assessed, along with a self-reported beverage consumption survey.

Initially, the researchers expected to discover that caffeinated drinks had the largest impact on the failure of IVF. However, they were surprised to discover it was actually sugary drinks which had the most significant effect on the chance of success. In fact, there was no link discovered at all between caffeinated drinks, diet-soda and coffee and IVF success.

Sugary drinks sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup or sucrose were particularly found to limit the chances of IVF success. They linked to a lower number of fertilised, mature oocytes and ultimately led to fewer IVF cycles leading to a live birth.

The risk to IVF success is the same regardless of whether the sugary drinks are caffeinated or not.

The alarming truth behind sugary drinks and IVF

The results of the study have revealed some alarming statistics those undergoing IVF will want to be aware of. Published within the Fertility and Sterility journal of American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the recent research revealed sugary drinks were a larger threat to IVF success than caffeinated drinks.

In fact, drinking just one sugary drink per day, according to the study conducted at the Harvard University, could reduce the chances of IVF success by as much as 12%. Drinking more than one sugary drink per day can also reduce a patient’s chance of having a live birth by 16%.

Earlier research discovered sugar can trigger stress hormones to be released which are detrimental to the health of the reproductive system. In order for embryos and eggs to thrive, they require a healthy blood glucose environment. Sugary drinks can already reduce the quantity of high quality embryo’s, so the fact it also makes it harder for the embryos to survive is a double blow for IVF patients.

The good news is, thanks to this research, patients now have a much better idea of what they should and more importantly, shouldn’t be drinking. As diet soda showed no sign of damaging IVF success, patients could switch to diet sugar-free drinks to satisfy their cravings.

The fertility specialists at Chiltern Fertility will be able to recommend dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to increase your chances of success.