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Vitamin D Supplements May Help Women Conceive, New Study Claims

An association between Vitamin D and fertility and conception rates has been identified in a new study. Women undergoing fertility treatment were shown to have an increased chance of success when their Vitamin D levels were adequate, compared to those who were lacking in the Vitamin. Now, researchers are asking for a randomised clinical trial […]

What to Expect During a Fertility Assessment

Taking the plunge to visit a fertility specialist can be daunting; especially when you have no idea what to expect. Before you can have IVF or any other fertility treatment, you will need to undergo a fertility assessment. This ensures you are recommended the most suitable treatment and your chances of conception are maximised. To […]

Sharp rise in IVF treatment abroad

The number of women seeking IVF treatment abroad has risen dramatically. Largely thought to be down to the recent cutbacks in free IVF treatment in the UK, what many patients do not realise is that treatment abroad does carry some potential risks and considerations which should be carefully evaluated. Below, we’ll look at why couples […]

Infertility and you: the psychological impact of infertility

Infertility may be a physical issue, but its psychological effects can be utterly devastating. Studies carried out over the years have revealed that couples who are unable to conceive a child, are three times more likely to separate. McFly’s star, Harry Judd, has recently opened up about the impact IVF had on his marriage, revealing […]

There is more to fertility care than IVF

When it comes to fertility treatment, IVF is often thought of as the only route to go down. However, did you know there’s actually a wide range of fertility treatment options available? Over the years, a number of effective, advanced fertility treatments have been developed. The type of treatment each couple requires will depend entirely […]

Why your sleep patterns might be affecting sperm quality

A new Chinese study published within the Journal of Sleep, has revealed sleep duration has a significant impact on sperm quality. Interestingly, it isn’t just too little sleep which can affect the quality of your sperm – too much can also be harmful. Below, we’ll look at the link between sleep patterns and sperm quality, […]

The history of IVF

The British county where IVF was first performed anywhere in the world has now officially scrapped free fertility treatment, as part of a range of health service budgetary cuts taking place throughout the country. Peterborough has become the third area in the UK to stop providing free fertility treatment. The CCG reports the move will […]

Miscarriage study could give hope to fertility patients

A new study into miscarriage and IVF conducted by the University of Aberdeen has provided hope for fertility patients. The research revealed women who miscarry during their first round of IVF treatment are more likely to have a successful pregnancy with further treatment than those who failed to become pregnant during the first round. Understandably, […]

Gene-editing could boost IVF success rates in the future

British scientists have managed to genetically modify human embryos for the first time ever. The major breakthrough means IVF success rates could be significantly improved in future, providing hope for those struggling with fertility problems. After being granted permission to experiment with human embryos for the first time in British history, the scientists discovered a […]

Coping with the IVF wait

For many couples, one of the most difficult parts of the IVF process is the two-week wait after IVF treatment. It can be extremely difficult emotionally and can also place significant pressure on a relationship. Here, we’ll look at how you can cope during the waiting period and potentially improve the chances of success. The […]